Top 40 ASP NET MVC Interview Questions 2023

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Top 40 ASP NET MVC Interview Questions 2023

But you can restrict an action to be invoked only by a specific HTTP request by applying HttpGet or HttpPost or HttpPut or HttpDelete attribute. You can choose from a variety of tests that are well designed to quantify and assess the skills of ASP.NET MVC developers and spend time interviewing only the relevant candidates. To help you choose a developer wisely, I have compiled a list of ASP.NET MVC interview questions for experienced professionals.

Like WebForm, we can also use Session to persist data during a user session. A partial view is like user control in ASP.NET Webforms that are used for code re-usability. We can use the partial view to display blog comments, product category, social bookmarks buttons, a dynamic ticker, calendar, etc. The Controller is the component in the MVC design pattern which contains the control flow logic. It is the one that will interact with both the models and views to control the flow of application execution.


Knowing the differences between them will help you make informed decisions about which to use in various situations, ultimately leading to more efficient and reliable code. Another notable feature is its support for routing, allowing developers to create clean and SEO-friendly URLs. Additionally, ASP.NET MVC provides built-in support for dependency injection, enabling better testability and maintainability through mvc developer loose coupling of components. The interviewer wants to gauge your leadership skills and your willingness to help others grow within the company. As a senior developer, part of your responsibility is to share your knowledge and experience with junior team members. Being able to guide, inspire, and mentor less experienced developers is vital to building a strong team and ensuring a successful project outcome.

Caching in .NET MVC can be implemented using the “OutputCache” attribute. As it does this, it improves app performance by serving cached content instead of re-executing the action unnecessarily. Form submissions in .NET MVC are handled via the HttpPost attribute on the action method as well as the ValidateAntiForgeryToken attribute for CSRF protection.

What Language is ASP.NET MVC?

The ASP.NET MVC developers you employ should have skills for programming client-side languages. Obviously, an experienced ASP.NET MVC developer should be well versed with HTML and C#. They should have a thorough understanding of ASP.NET architecture, MVC coding concepts, and MS Sequel Server.

Basically, the view is used to render the domain data (i.e. business data). It creates the user interface with data from the model with which the end-user can interact. An example would be an edit view of a product table that displays text boxes, dropdown lists, and checkboxes based on the current state of a Product object. To handle cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks in a .NET MVC application, developers can sanitize user input by encoding it before displaying it in views.

Discuss the Purpose and Benefits of Using Redis Or Other Caching Mechanisms In .NET MVC.

The FileResult represents the file to be downloaded, and the developer can specify the file’s content, content type, and file name as needed. Custom route constraints in .NET MVC allow developers to define additional conditions for route matching. One can create a class that implements the “IRouteConstraint” interface and define the logic for evaluating whether a specific route parameter value matches the constraint. MiniProfiler is a lightweight profiling tool for .NET applications, including .NET MVC apps. It allows developers to measure the performance of specific code sections and identify bottlenecks.

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In this post, we share the top 50 questions interviewers should include in .NET MVC interviews. The questions focus depth of knowledge and problem-solving in .NET MVC dev environments. We can also enable or disable client-side validation for a specific view. For this, we required to enable or disable client-side validation inside a Razor code block as shown below. This option will override the application level settings for that specific view. Data Annotations help us to define the rules to the model classes or properties for data validation and displaying suitable messages to end-users.

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